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Get Paid to Chat

Bored and broke? We can fix that – Get Paid To Chat!

Starting out on your journey to make money online is undeniably overwhelming and can be quite isolating at times, especially if your friends and family don’t understand what you are doing.

Networking daily is crucial to your money making success, and while paid to chat sites wont make you rich, they will introduce you to like-minded people, all out to make money online, and give you the opportunity to learn many new money making tips, ideas and methods.

Combine your paid to chat sites with paid to post sites such as Postloop and you will soon find a close network of contacts for help and support on your journey to untold internet riches! And you will be earning money while you do it!

Ok so in reality you wont earn a lot of money in the beginning, but think of it as your apprenticeship and training. Making lots of money on the internet is not something that can be done overnight, but it can be done, and with friends in the right places it can be done easily and simply. Grab a few referrals from paid to post and chat sites along the way and it will boost your income considerably.

Where can you get paid to chat?get paid to chat


Intichat, Where you Get Paid to be Social!

Not only do they have all the same features as facebook, but at Intichat you get a percentage of the monthly profits.

A couple of things to note before joining this Social Networking site that pays..

  • You will need 5 referrals before you can get paid to chat.
  • You must earn 500 points before you start earning (easily done though)
  • You must upload a profile image.

After that, the site is quite similar to Facebook – only is has a dislike button! YAY! You earn from posting, voting, liking, getting likes, etc.

Payment is made monthly via Paypal, Payza or Cheque, a minimum of $5 is required to cash out.

If you’re signing up after July 1st 2012 you automatically will receive $1.00 credit after you complete the required qualifications and you will also receive $0.50 per referral that sign up under you. Also Users get paid in the “profit sharing program” based on their individual activity on intichat. Each day all users receive a score for their activity, whoever has the highest score gets the highest payout. Your score is based on the amount of referrals that sign up under you as well as the number of votes you receive on your content and the amount of content that you contribute to intichat. There are other factors involved, once you complete the qualifications click the link in your account that says “My Profits” to review full details.

There are no restrictions on countries, anyone from any country may participate on Intichat


I’m not personally involved with Paysnork, but from the FAQ:

● is a free worldwide paid to chat service available in all languages.
●Only need is to socialize and earn!
 ●After requesting a payment, it will be received within 24-48 hours through your Paypal account, unless some kind of unexpected technical problems encountered during the process.
●Refer friends to earn more using  your referral link
●That friend will be under your line and you will earn 25% commission from their earnings for a lifetime. (Rates may change in the future.)

Birejji helps you earn money and share opportunities while you socialize in groups. Earnings are very small, but if you look at the making money part of it as just a bonus it’s a good site to socialize and Network with like-minded people. is a website where you get paid to chat, simple as that! Their goal is to provide a place for those seeking to earn money online to meet up and learn from one another. They provide a safe environment through which members can help each other in reaching their goals while earning money online and having fun in the process.

Birejji officially launched on June 1, 2010 and has been going strong since.

Earnings vary according to post quality and participation. Receive a 100% of your referral’s earnings.


MyLot is super simple to join, and get involved straight away. Simply join the discussions and get paid to chat – easy as that!

Sidetick is a great social networking site which pays $1 per referral and also 6 levels deep. You also get paid to post blogs, upload videos & other stuff you normally do at social networking sites. You need $25 to cash out via Paypal.
Countries Accepted: United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Israel. Sidetick members from countries other than those listed above, however, can earn points redeemable for a prize for obtaining U.S. friends. You are encouraged to join the SideTick group called Foreigners Making Money where open discussions have an available forum to discuss how people from all countries can make money on Sidetick.
Get paid to chat: Make money, feel popular, meet new people who understand what you’re about, relieve boredom….All without changing out of your PJ’s….SORTED!



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  1. Love your website, great service you provide. I wanted to comment on mylot, I spent ages on that site, years in fact, and found you could have some great and interesting conversations with people in the forums. It did take ages, and loads of posts to earn even a little money though, but you could look at the money as an extra , true. But I was annoyed with them when they deleted my earnings just because I hadn’t logged into my account for 90 days, (I was having computer issues!) as it took ages to earn the little money I had. Yes it does state in their FAQ that users must log in within 3months, but couldn’t they at least make it 6 months.

    • OUCH! thanks for sharing that info, I havent logged into MyLot for ages so I’m guessing mine has gone too LOL. I mainly stick with Postloop these days I’ve never had a problem whith payout, and the earnings are quite generous in comparison to similar sites.

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