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Congratulations on making it this far, now that you are happy with your site content it’s time to let others know about it!

A lot of people fail at this stage of the process due to the general “build it and they will come” mentality. That won’t happen (at least not instantly) and you really do have to work at it. Again if you have the resources check the forums and get some of the essential SEO work done for you.

For those without the resources, follow these methods and then see if you can come up with your own ideas to add to them in time.

If you check your page ranking now here

You will see it is at zero, all new sites are – your job is to get it higher, don’t worry though it’s not the be all and end all to get a high page rank, high search ranking are much more important.

Getting traffic (people) to your site is a long, on-going process; don’t expect too much activity over night.

To begin you need to make a Facebook page. If you haven’t already got the following accounts you need to create these too: Twitter, Google+, pinterest, digg, stumbledupon and any other social networking sites you can think of while you’re at it. Add the relevant buttons to your site; is great if you don’t really know what you’re doing. Get some quick likes on your accounts using, do not use this or any other forced traffic methods to your actual site though, it is against Google AdSense policy and you will need your account there when it comes time to monetize your site!

Basic SEO (search engine optimisation) relies heavily on backlinks, that is simply getting other sites to link to your page from there’s. Google thinks you must be very important if people want to link to you! To get this started join as many forums related to your niche as possible (not all will allow links on your posts anymore, but you can always put it in your profile). Not only will this provide you with some backlinks, you will also get traffic from people genuinely interested in your niche. Dofollow links are essential, get a list of dofollow forums, blogs and directories for free at DoFollow – Blog Directory & Resources

Comment on related blogs, make the comments relevant and engaging or your posts will be marked as spam and deleted. There are robots that can do all this for you, but mostly a waste of time as the posts will not be good enough to get past human moderators. Feel free to use the comment box below for your first backlink, but please reciprocate the favour and don’t even think about getting a robot to do it!

Make friends with other site owners in your niche and ask for reciprocal links (they link to you if you link to them)

Submit your new site to free web directories (Google them, there are hundreds) as well as submitting to the major search engines (they can’t list you if they don’t know you exist). Yahoo, Bing, Google, etc.

If you have used WordPress to build your site install the all in one SEO pack onto it (it’s free), along with xml sitemap.

Write some extra articles related to your niche and submit them to article directories such as Goarticles and Ezine Articles (don’t submit the same articles, do a little rearranging and rewording – there are free article spinners that can do this for you – Google them!)

You could also prepare and submit a press release to announce your new site more info here

If you have lots of images on your new site pin them at, it’s an excellent platform for getting visitors to your pages.

All of the above should give you a good start, the rest is up to good content, an easy to navigate site and quality products to keep the visitors clicking around and coming back (a favicon is a good idea so people can bookmark you easily).

Last, but not least is to sign up with Google Analytics to keep track of your traffic.

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4 thoughts on “Getting Traffic

  1. Hi lisa melia…
    Nice post..traffic is the thing most needed by a blogger.But in initial days in blogging it is hard to get traffic for a newbie. I am also a newbie in this field.I want to ask you after reading your article ,is it to submit our new site to all search directory manually or it is enough to do it with Google by having Google analytics account and all other directory automatically find our new domain?

    • Do you mean the search engines? Just ping your post and give them a FB like, Google will find it 🙂 I use MaxBlogPress Ping Optimizer 3.0 plug in

  2. very nicely written article buddy.., this is the proper demonstration of how to build a good blog from nothing..,
    I want to ask you a question in this context..
    what is the factor which decide pagerank of the blog.. are they Backlinks, Good SEO, nice blog Appearance, or heavy traffic.
    i want you to suggest a way to get PR..,
    thanks in advance pal.. 🙂

    • Page rank is mainly based on content these days, if you concentrate on producing original, high quality articles the rest will follow (eventually!) good look with your endeavours 🙂

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