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Make Money Online ~ Free!

Want to make some quick cash, right now? Well don’t let me stop you!

Head straight over to the blog (or browse the categories on your right) for some quick, easy and free money making methods, new ideas to make money online, tips, reviews, real life success (and fail) stories, and much more.

If, however, you would prefer to learn how to build an honest, legitimate and profitable home business that will stand the test of time and create a passive income for the rest of your life (and beyond!) then please stick with me just a little bit longer and read on.

Quick cash is all well and good for now, but is it something you are going to be proud to talk about later?

One thing to note before you continue or begin your journey to make money online is that making money online takes time and effort, especially if you are not in a position to invest cash to begin with.

Neither can I  promise or guarantee that you will ever make any money online, nobody can. What you earn and how quickly you do it totally depends on what you put in. If someone is promising you untold riches are at your fingertips, on autopilot from the outset, exercise your right to click away!

Make money online: the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth!”

make money online reality check


For those who are expecting a “get-rich-quick” attitude, let me just say you will NOT find it here. The ability to Make money online (especially if you are doing it with no investment) takes just as much, if not more, work than any brick-and-mortar business. With a brick-and-mortar business,  you will often have regular customers along with some window shoppers – either way you have people coming into your store; It’s exactly the same principle with and online business. This in turn does convert into regular sales as time goes on.


In addition to not finding a get-rich-quick attitude here, you WILL find honest, proven ways to make a living online. The majority of the methods do take hard work and perseverance, but will pay off over time. Nothing comes easy in this world, and the majority of us have to work hard to get where we want to be. Sit back and take some time to view the site – I’m sure you will find at least one thing you can do to begin your making money online career.

What’s the best way to make money online?


There is no “best way” to make money online. For those of us who work at home we often “havemake money our eggs in many baskets” so to speak. There are those of us who do well writing, but not everyone has the talent for writing. Others make hundreds, or even thousands (this is possible, but not the norm) by affiliate marketing. Then there are those who swear by PTC (pay to click) sites. It is what works for you that will earn you the most. Ebay, Amazon, Clickbank and TripleClicks are just a few of the places where there is money to be made if you have products (both digital and physical) to sell.


Keep in mind you have to enjoy what you are doing, or you will not stick with it. Writing articles is great, but if you have trouble stringing more than a few words together in a sentence you will quickly become discouraged. If you are not a writer, try affiliate marketing, taking surveys or even playing games. Sites that want your reviews or input on certain topics may not be up your alley, unless of course you enjoy giving your opinion on things.

Can I really make money online for free?


make money online scamBefore I answer that question, let me tell you this: if anyone is promising you riches by paying money to join their program…RUN! Chances are they are trying to get you to buy the same information or program they just spent money on. In all honesty, you will most likely be left “holding the bag” and have nothing to show but an emptier bank account.


As you go through this site, you will find resources and ideas for making money online. Please feel free to comment on those that you have found helpful; and also don’t hesitate to comment on any you feel are a complete waste of time. I do ask you be tactful in your comments, as each person’s financial needs are different. What works for someone in Asia may not work for someone in Europe or vice-versa.

The best way to get started to make money online is to browse the categories on your right. There are many opportunities for people of all walks of life and various abilities. As mentioned before, a writer may have no trouble making money online, but what about those who would rather not write? There are survey sites, game sites, photography, review sites and more for anyone wishing to make money online. The possibilities are endless, and it is my goal to provide you with legitimate sources of online income.


What about quitting my regular job?


i quitSomething to consider when deciding on how to make money online is your financial needs. Will you be happy with a few extra dollars a month or do you need much more than that to cover your regular expenses? Planning ahead of time will help you avoid some of the anguish that comes with making quick decisions. Don’t tell your boss off just yet.


My advice: stay working at your regular job until you can replace or exceed your current earnings online. I completely understand sometimes circumstances change quickly and there is an immediate need to make money online without having a regular job cushion. Do not despair, as there are several resources here showing you how to do so in a pinch.


The best thing to do however, is to gradually replace your offline income with online income. It may take some time to do so, but it will be worth it in the end. When you do make money online, do not spend it foolishly. Bank it or put it in your cookie jar to cover regular expenses should you suddenly find yourself without the cushion of a regular job.


Perhaps taking a few minutes during your lunch break to complete surveys will add a few extra dollars to your cookie jar a month. Instead of spending mind-numbing time on Facebook in the evenings, why not brush up on writing skills or go on PTC sites. You will soon learn where the most money is to be made within your range of parameters. Trial and error is often the best teacher out there.


Rules of the site:


Before I go any further in assisting you to make money online, I do have a few simple rules for this site (I know, I know – there are always rules):

  • The first, and most important rule of this site is to find a method you like and then go DO IT! Seriously! I spent my first few weeks trying to make money online by googling stuff like “make money online”, reading hundreds of money making methods and tips on forums and then moving on to the next one. It was until I changed my whole mind-set of “how can I make money online?” toI WILL make money online” that things actually began to change. You can’t make money online just by reading about making money online!! If you only take one positive away from this website today, then let it be that.
  • The money-making ideas are legal (those I come across in my searches with illegal activity will never be posted here)
  • You will not be asked to make any monetary investment (any investment in advertising is up to you if marketing products, but keep in mind there are several free classified sites available)
  • You will not be scammed or taught the skills to scam anyone else (scamming others for personal gain is wrong, and it comes back to bite you in the rear-end eventually)

Time IS money as they say, so why are you still reading??

You have nothing to lose here so now make your own rule:

“10% reading – 90% doing”


For proven money making methods, support and advice follow my journey to make money online


An integral part of building any business is identifying your strengths and weaknesses – As engaging introductions and lengthy bios are not my forte, this home page was developed in collaboration with the very talented author and freelancer Diane Ziomek. Follow her own journey to make money online for inspiration.

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