How to earn 1500 Versa Points in SFI every month

Earn at least 1500 Versa Points to maintain your SFI Executive Affiliate status:

 Since my first post reviewing the SFI Home Business module, I have decided to throw myself into the business and see how far it goes, you will already know this much if you have read my September Goals post (if not, why not?!).

If you have no idea what SFI is, check out my post here

The most difficult part in maintaining your SFI earnings is to ensure you earn those 1500 Versa Points every month to attain the rank of Executive Affiliate. If you do not earn 1500 versa points in any month you will lose all benefits associated with being an EA (executive affiliate) which includes all your Co Sponsored Affiliates (CSA’s) and your Tripleclicks pool profits. So it’s well worth putting in the effort, considering that you earn 15% in commissions from your CSA’s Tripleclicks purchases!

By far the easiest way to earn 1500 points monthly is to purchase a standing order to the IAHB. However, I did this last month to have a look at what it involves and decided it’s really not for me.

So if IAHB membership is not an option then the only way is to put a little effort in!

The first month as an SFI affiliate is really very simple, you do not have to do any more than read the lesson plans and complete the to-do list to gain rank of EA, so use this “free” month to get your business plan together.

The whole basis of the following business plan is recruiting 5 active PSA’s into your downline and teaching them to do exactly the same as you do yourself (duplication). Spend your first month as an SFI affiliate working on this goal as it is the most difficult part of the plans to achieve.

My personal SFI Strategy to reach and maintain EA status every month:

All weekly points will be calculated on a 4 week basis..

  •          Complete the to-do list every day (takes less than 5mins) – 11 points    330  
  •          Send a weekly group support message – 30 per week                                120
  •          Review Tconnect page weekly (takes a second) – 5 per week                     20
  •          Submit a stream post weekly – 3 per week                                                     12
  •          Have 5 active EA’s duplicating my method – 100 each                                500
  •          Submit monthly sponsor ratings form                                                               10
  •          Purchase 1 S Builder advertising unit                                                               280     


Subtotal                                                                                                                                  1262


To make up the deficit of 238 a month my methods will vary until I find a way to work with, this month will probably be a purchase of an e-book with resale rights:

 116 for the purchase + 30 for submitting a review of the purchase x 2. The purchases I will make come with Master Resell Rights, so they will go back onto Tripleclicks as a listing!

 A standing order for 100 Tcredits costs $29 and ensures 1200 monthly versa points, so if I earn enough commission this month I will definitely be getting this. Tcredits allow you to bid in the penny auctions, and for every bid you make you will also earn 1VP – so right there is an extra 100 VP’s.

50 CSA’s is a popular auction item and is what I shall be bidding on!

 Depending on how the S Builder advertising works, I may up that to 2 units next month.

 I will also be referring potential customers to Tripleclicks.

Remember that if someone makes a purchase from Tripleclicks, they become your referral for every subsequent purchase as long as you remain an active SFI affiliate. You will earn Versa Points and direct commissions for every Tripleclicks sale.

 I will also be promoting some individual Tripleclick products on my websites and Facebook pages.

 Once this is all in place (I’m calculating about 6 months to establish a good routine). I will be upping the efforts to become a Bronze Team Leader, and duplicating the methods used to my PSA’ so that they too become Bronze Team Leaders (this will mean 150 points per month each).

Once the initial 5 PSA’s are Team Leaders, it will then be time to duplicate the first method to another 5 EA’s.

 Using this method, working at it and sticking to it, it is perfectly feasible that I will obtain Rank of Silver Team Leader by this time next year, with 5 Bronze Team Leaders and 5 PSA’s all duplicating my methods.

 Let’s just hope that something really shiny doesn’t come along and distract me from this plan!

 The key to this method working is to ensure you are fully supporting your active PSA’s, and encourage the less motivated sign ups. You will always have a few people signing up just to check out what SFI is all about but not getting involved, you cannot force someone to be interested in building their business.

 I hope this article has helped you out if you are struggling with your Versa Points goals.

 All my PSA’, CSA’s and anyone interested in joining SFI are welcome to join our Facebook group. Any questions you may have will be answered in confidence by the members.

 For existing SFI Affiliates who aren’t getting the support they need from their up line, please feel free to visit our Facebook page for tips, advice and support.

Of course, you are never obliged to make an investment or buy anything at all to earn as a SFI Affiliate – 12 EA2’s (EA’s that have achieved the status for 2 months or more consecutively) and your to-list completed every day will also earn you the 1500 vp’s!



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