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October Results

Well after my giant Scroogling at the beginning of the month most of the goals for October went out of the window!

Monetary wise there is a big fat zero to report, but I learnt so much about traffic from other sources that it was almost worth it. Almost…

My October goals were:

  • More great content on all of my sites, from myself and guest authors – Done!
  • Update the About and Resources pages on this site – Ooops – FAIL
  • A combined income of $200 from all sites – EPIC FAIL
  • 5 new, active PSA’s from SFI – Got 2, so almost halfway there.
  • Begin outsourcing work on 2 sites so I can concentrate making this one and the 2 others as good as I possibly can – NOPE
  • Enjoy it! – FAIL

To be fair, most of the fails were because I got so obsessed with the Google update that I took my eye off the big picture, something that won’t happen this month. It’s back to the basics of writing content and promoting the crap out of that content.

In my post What to do when Google smacks you down I wrote my plan for recovery, here’s how that went:

Finding other sources of traffic is good but first you ask yourself who you’re targeting and where you can find a high concentration of them online:
Well worth a read if you are struggling with traffic to your blog.

My other sites are continuing to grow in popularity, so for November they will be my main focus, I will let Show Me Some Money develop naturally and just take a more relaxed “wait and see” attitude with it.

Talking of other sites gaining popularity, don’t let seasonal traffic pass you by – here’s what happened when I added some cute pumpkin carving pics to one of my pages:

site stats

Hope you all have your Xmas pics sorted!

Oh and if anyone is interested into how the paid traffic experiment went – Don’t bother unless you are trying to get your Alexa Rank down or sell your site with exaggerated traffic claims! Ye it looks good on the site stats, but not one click-through on any ads and the bounce rate went up to over 80%.

November Goals:

  • Relax with the stats obsession already!
  • Add an article, promote the crap outta that article (at least 5 blog comments per article), repeat consistently.
  • Get another guest post published.
  • Get into a routine of writing and promoting instead of writing a bit, checking analytics, checking stat counter, checking webmaster tools….

That’s basically it, for November and December I’m just going to let things be, see what happens and start a fresh in the New Year with new priorities.

Did you get involved with our goal setting strategies on the ZZZProfits forum? Give it a go, you may well surprise yourself with how big of a change it makes to your mind-set.


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