Quickest, Easiest Way To Make Money Online – Ever!

What’s the easiest way to make money online in these tough times? This is the quickest, cheekiest and definitely easiest way to make money online that I have come across thus far! The real eye-opener about it is that it actually seems to work!

The top-secret quick & easiest way to make money online??? ASK FOR IT!


Top of the cheeky scale is Karyn Bosnak (and one of the first to discover the easiest way to make money online):

After totting up an impressive $20,000 in debt on many impulsive purchases, Karyn Bosnak lost her job and found herself in a desperate financial situation altogether!

Her answer to this tricky situation was to set up a site called savekaryn.com, where she just quite simply asked random strangers to help her to pay off her debts.

The site was picked up by numerous media outlets and the publicity boosted the number of generous donations within five months. Karyn went on to write a book about her experience and is now a full-time author. Well done Karyn, much Kudos to you!

Next up Comes Dan’s Data:

This site is worth a trip over to just for the sheer entertainment value of Dan’s writings – I was quite tempted to send him over a couple of bucks myself!

The site title really speaks for itself “Give Dan Money For No Very Good Reason”

Unfortunately Dan’s site is only copyright up until 2010, so I’m not too sure if he is still accepting donations for no good reason any more! Check it out yourself – http://www.dansdata.com/email.htm

The Easiest way to make money online

Request Some Money for Anything!

Just fill in the form and ask for some money, you have to say what it’s for and be honest! http://givingawayfreemoney.com/money/

Researching and reading about this money making method has been highly amusing and kept me entertained for a morning, so obviously they are providing a value of some sort – and that, after all is what a successful business is all about!

Why not find some more wacky and weird ways to make money online and blog about them yourself, then ask for a donation! LOL

Sooooo all paypal donations can be made directly to me via L K Marketing…

Well it was worth a try!

Still struggling to find the quickest, easiest way to make money online for free EVER!? No fear! Just get these guys to cast a magic spell for you and all your money worries are over!

The next easiest way to make money online

Head on over to www.beggingmoney.com and, well. for the seriously easiest way to make money online ever – you just simply state your case, create a paypal button (the hardest bit) and, um, beg?

I can honestly say this is one money making method I have yet to resort to try, but apparently it works?

From the site:

Begging Money and asking for Donations with Paypal is the best way to Cyber beg online. People do really get money panhandling online, it does work! NO membership, NO sign in, NO subscription fee and most importantly…we are 100% FREE!

Receive donations from online money donors. Rich and wealthy people donate money and cars to students asking for help, struggling single moms, disabled veterans who need to pay their bills, agoraphobics and people just begging for help!

BeggingMoney.com is a legitmate free cyber begging website. All the users who take the time to complete the begging request form are real. We do not charge ever.

Craig Rowin Successfully bagged himself a million, just from making a video asking for it! (He didn’t, he was lying – but he sure created a stir!)


panhandler easiest way to make money online

Remember the Internet never sleeps, people can donate money 24/7 365 days a year! Easiest way to make money online? I think so!


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