Advice and support for anyone wanting to Make Money Online


When setting out on your journey trying to make money on the internet, and any work from home enterprise, it’s essential to find (and use) as much support as you can:

  • Network with others in your niche, join groups and Forums.
  • Ask questions, research everything, find mentors and stalk anyone you admire!
  • Route out all the freebies you can (ebooks, guides, tools, advice)

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Money on Computer Forums – A new forum that is growing daily, this is a great resource for anyone wanting to make money from the internet. Money On Computer covers all money making methods; from simple survey filling to full blown Empire building! Newbies can gather to discuss the best money making methods, and lots of experts on hand to guide and advise on the best ways to make money from home, and steer you away from any potential scams. Money on Computer is one of the friendliest and easy going money making Forums I have come across so far. Completely free to join so pop in and make yourself known. I can be found on the Forum under the guise of Genieswish.

Money Saving Expert – Money saving expert is a vast site with a huge selection of Forums, “the up your income section” is very newbie friendly, a great place to get some advice from people already making money online. You can see which methods are working, who isn’t paying out and what is just a complete waste of time and effort. The money making methods are mostly part-time, so a valuable resource for SAHM’s, students and the retired.

The Warrior Forum – The warrior forum boasts a never-ending wealth of experience and serious money makers. The forum is mostly suitable for Internet Marketers. Do be wary of the WSO (warrior special offers) section though, and don’t fall into the trap of buying every new product that is released. You need to be earning from the internet – not buying, remember?

Digital Point – Overall a good resource for making money online, but do be very wary of scammers on there, and take any earnings’ claims with a giant pinch of salt!

BlackHat World – As the title suggests, this Forum covers all things deemed “Black Hat” in the world of making money online. Thousands of online money making methods and ideas, ranging from slightly unethical to totally outrageous, although there is nothing on there that is actually illegal. This is a great place to learn all the sneaky tricks that marketers have been using on you all this time, which is a real eye opener at times! The Forum is taken very seriously, and while the moderators are generally friendly, any (even slightest) breaking of the rules will not be tolerated, so do read them through thoroughly before joining. A webmasters Forum mostly aimed at serious affiliate and email marketers. Lots of advice and money making methods. – Support and advice for Work at home mom’s, mostly US members but a lot of advice that can be used wherever you may be.

Free Stuff

free ebook giveawayDownload the free E-book Free Website Traffic – As far as ebooks go this one is pretty average, there is advice for SEO, backlinking (including some good sites and instructions to get free high pr backlinks), Twitter marketing, etc.

The important difference about this particular freebie is that you can rebrand it with your own affiliate link to the Affiliate Power Group and earn 50% recurring commissions on any APG sales made from links in this book.


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