The stuff I learnt this week

learningFirst of all I learned there is no difference between learned & learnt and it is quite possibly another of those English/American things! Up there with spelt and spelled are both spelt correctly! And I haven’t dreamt or dreamed the whole thing.

Onto the whole idea of this post: The most important thing I learned was to get away from your blog and/or business and the inner circle protective bubble of it for a while and discover new things.

Being dedicated to your writing is wonderful, but taking a break once in a while and venturing further into the blogosphere than normal can open up a whole new world of possibilities.

Getting away from the comfort zone of your usual chosen niche can generate “borrowed” traffic from other blogs, help get your name out there, network with people who aren’t direct competition and  quite possibly save you from the dreaded writer’s block further down the line.

Where I was and the gems I found:


  1. Scroogled – (screw-gulled)Love this! It’s my new word of the week. Basically when Google screws you over you got yourself Scroogled.
  2. Link Baiting – Writing articles with the sole purpose of attracting attention from other bloggers and getting them to mention you. Ok once in a while, but don’t go causing a controversy in every post just for the sake of it; If you’re content is awesome enough the links will come naturally, providing you have promoted the ish out of it…..
  3. Traffic Generation – A truly awesome post from Ana on promoting the ish out of your articles has helped me decide to stop trying to generate traffic to my blog, but instead concentrate on each post individually (more on this to come in November Goals). I have a plan to never get Scroogled again thanks to this, even though I can’t come to grips with Triberr and I’ll never get on with Twittering!
  4. New Jacking vs News Jacking – Don’t get me wrong, Newsjacking is good, but with my company we see the key as “New-Jacking.” Yep, if it’s new in our industry, we talk about it. I want to own the keyword. I want to be the first. Excerpt from an inspiring post by The Sales Lion
  5. Advertising – Some great new ideas for increasing your advertising campaigns and generating some server melting traffic. Follow some of the links at the end of the post for some more great articles on traffic generation! Talking of following links….
  6. The Comment Trail – While blog commenting as part of your blog promotion, be sure to follow the comment trail for some more great places to comment and to discover hidden gems that you would otherwise miss! Check out this and more commenting tips over at ZZZ Profits

Success Online is about doing you.  The unique, awesome you!

And as my final lesson for this week you can find out what all that is about in this fab post from Ryan Hanley

With that I’m off to nose learn some more great stuff!

What did you discover today?




2 thoughts on “The stuff I learnt this week

  1. Nice discoveries, Lisa; I think I might’ve discovered a thing or two while reading the post as well.

    Scroogled: not sure if it’s a new interpretation of the word, but originally “Scroogle” was a search engine that recently seized to exist that “scr-ambled g-oogle’s” search results – taking out the ads, personalizations, etc. I was sorry to see it go. http://www.scroogle.org/sucks.html

    Thanks for the shout!

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