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Unusual Ways To Make Money Online #2

Genius? Or just plain Nuts? You Decide…

Unique ways to Make Money Online

(The Good, The Bad and the just PLAIN CRAZY!)


Following on from Unusual Ways to Make Money Online #1, I am pleased to present number 2 in the extraordinary money makers series. I was having so much fun reading about the unusual ways people are making money online that I almost forgot it was all in the interest of research and to post about them!

It’s easy to see why these people are making money, each site I’ve looked at this week has been totally engaging and most entertaining!

So let’s get on with it..

How to Make Money Online (the unique way!)

1. Colin Wright moves to a new country every 4 months. The readers of his blog vote on where he’ll move to next! Colin has other companies and has published a ton of books, which are also promoted on the blog. Colin Wright

Before he left the States, he sold everything he owned which didn’t fit into a carry-on bag. At the moment he claims to own around 50 items…I’m betting one of them is a rather huge bank balance!

Send Colin a message, inviting him to your hometown and get your friends to vote him there and he promises to look you up when he gets to your neck of the woods…I wouldn’t turn him down a free bed for the night!!

2. Graham Hill started out as a tree hugger, turned serial netpreneur. He launched the site in 2003 and sold it to Discovery Communications 4 years later, for a reported $10 million!

3. DoDo Case – Patrick Buckley and the co-founder Craig Dalton’s company generated almost $1 million in revenue in just 3 months. His product is the DODOcase, a handmade iPad case that the New York Times says, “gives the iPad the look and feel of a luxury, hardcover notebook.”

4. Toilet Paper Entrepreneur– Mike Michalowic –

Have you ever been in the bathroom only to realize there are a mere three sheets of toilet paper left…but somehow, often with the help of the trashcan remnants, manage to make it work? This is how a Toilet Paper Entrepreneur runs their business… they make do with what they have, pull “miracles” out of the trash and make more and more with less and less.

The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur philosophy is based on the notion that not only can one start a business with fewer resources,but that having fewer resources can actually work to your benefit .For example, having fewer resources can force the business to address an issue in highly innovative ways versus simply spending money blindly to solve it.

5. Find a Grave There are only 3 guarantees in this life – birth, taxes and death!

Jim Tipton created the Find A Grave website in 1995 because he could not find a site that catered to his hobby of visiting the graves of famous people. He found that there were many thousands of individuals around the world who shared his interests. What began as an odd hobby became a livelihood and a passion. Building and seeing Find A Grave grow beyond his wildest expectations has been immensely satisfying for Jim. Every day, contributors from around the world enter new records, thousands use the site as an educational reference tool, long-lost loved ones are located and millions of lives are fondly remembered. 

The above money making methods aren’t the craziest ways to make money online that I have come across so far, but they all have one thing in common – a totally unique idea to make money! Look out for the crazies in the next post 🙂



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